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Battles and Treasures Tour

Walk in the footsteps of the Vikings, Saint Patrick and the O'Neills

The Battles and Treasures Tour is perfect for visitors who want to immerse themselves into real Ireland and take a journey ‘off the beaten track’. This full-day tour will take you on an adventure into the wild and rugged Lough Neagh landscape and will give you an insight into how the local people live.  With your local guide, James Walshe, you will explore the ancient roads and lanes to uncover tales of Vikings, healing sites.

We visit 

 We will visit on our tour, Inaugural Forts and Battle Sites


You will board James's Tour Coach and Time Machine named Kitty (after his late Mom) on this unique tour of this Ancient Northern Land of Ireland. He will be sharing his vast knowledge of the local areas and great stories of its history.

You will be amazed by James’s stories about The Vikings invading the  Christian Churches and settlements along shores and Rivers around  this unique and untouched part of Ireland.

 The Clan O'Neill is another great story, The Great Clan O'Neill  ruled this land fighting each other and the opposing English and Scottish Forces. (they won all the battles but lost the war)


Of course, no Irish tour is complete without a story about St Patrick and this is where James has a extraordinary story to tell :-


James is not an ordinary Tour Guide, he is a keen amateur archaeologist, historian and pilot,

James has found many ancient archaeological sites and artifacts in this area long before space satellites were in use in this work.

James's the latest find being The Ballyclog Bell an 1100 years old Bronze Hand Bell used in calling the flock to services and ceremony's. The Ballyclog Bell and other artifacts were found on this site which are of a Roman culture, leaving some of Ireland's history to be rewritten as these finds strongly suggesting The Roman Saint Patrick could well have been here, these artifacts can be seen proudly on display in the Ulster Museum Belfast The Ulster Museum, The Ballyclog Bell is a very important historical artifact, adding to the Saint Patrick Story.


Be one of the first to experience this untouched landscape, to meet the locals and to sample its unique charm!


BONUS: James is an Archaeologist, Historian, and Storyteller. View and hold ancient artifacts found by James during his years of archaeological interest.


Pick up time: 9.30am

Tour end: 4pm, Belfast

Location: Chichester Street, Belfast (other pick-up locations can be arranged when requested)

Price: £49pp

When: Every Saturday & Sunday From March to October (inclusive)


What does it include:

  • Return transport

  • Full day guided tour (Day tours can be arranged)

  • Discover O'Neill's ancient ceremonial site

  • Walk in the same footsteps as Saint Patrick

  • Feel like you are going back in time as you uncover where the Vikings lived

  • Light lunch is provided 




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